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Each doctor manages his or her own appointment schedule. Contact your doctor directly to schedule appointments. Cancellation of appointments is requested with 24 hours notice.


Each Cedar Glen doctor sets his/her own fee schedule depending on the specific service rendered. Please discuss this with your doctor, as payment is requested at the time services are rendered.

Health Insurance

The Cedar Glen doctors do not contract with Health Insurance Providers, HMO’s, and PPO’s due to the desire to maintain the highest quality of professional care and privacy for their patients. Health insurance reimbursements and coverage issues remain between a patient and their insurance company. However, when needed, the doctors at Cedar Glen are willing to provide appropriate documentation to their patients of the services provided for insurance purposes to assist in your reimbursement.


Each doctor can be reached at their individual phone numbers:

Gary A. Karpf, M.D. (609) 213-3570
W. B. Apple, Ph. D. (609) 552-1222
Jeffrey H. Green, M.D. (609) 759-0313
John R. Blake, M.D. (609) 759-1403
Phillip A. Heller, M.D. (732) 858-1226

The doctor will pick up if they are free to speak, otherwise please leave a message. The doctor will return your call as soon as possible. Please keep messages brief, as issues should be discussed in person and not via messages. For urgent matters, or an emergency, please follow the voicemail directions to reach the doctor more immediately. Your doctor will return your call as soon as possible.

Should a life-threatening situation emerge, please also use your local emergency services (911).

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