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John R. Blake, MD
John Blake, MD

General Information

Principles of Treatment

Patient Information

Patient Information

In the interests of clarity and to help you address your needs as efficiently as possible, please take some time to review the items below and if you have questions, please discuss them with me.

1. Appointments:

I manage my own appointment schedule. Contact me directly to schedule appointments.

2. Availability

I can be reached at (609) 896-1122 (extension number 2). Once you have selected my extension, I will pick up if I am free, otherwise please leave a message in voice mail. I will return your call as soon as possible. Please keep messages brief as issues should be discussed in person and not via messages. When I am away, the voice mail message will be changed to direct you to the covering physician. (By pressing “0”)

You can usually reach me in person between 8.30 am and 9 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at (609) 896-1122 (extension number 2)

3. Emergencies

For urgent matters, or an emergency, you may reach me though our paging system at (609) 896-1122. (extension number 2) Once you have reached my voice mail press “0” to enter my emergency paging system and follow the directions. I will return your call as soon as possible. However, should you be in a life threatening situation, please use your local emergency services (911).

4. Cancellation of Appointments

I require 24 hours advance notice for cancellation of appointments or the session will be charged to you.

5. Payment

My current fees are $385.00 for an initial, hour-long evaluation, $255.00 for 45-minute therapy sessions and $180.00 for medication visits of up to 30 min. Patients are expected to pay for their visits at the time of their appointment. I am always willing to reasonably accommodate a patient who has trouble paying his or her bill. However, I require regular monthly payments to settle an outstanding account, regardless of any disputes or other problems a patient may experience with insurance reimbursement. Failure to pay for services in a timely manner will result in the suspension of treatment and subject the patient to legal process for the collection of unpaid fees

6. Insurance

I have purposefully not contracted with any HMO’s, PPO’s or any other insurance plans as I am uncomfortable with some of their business practices and intrusions into patients’ medical management and privacy. I prefer that any business between you and your insurance does not interfere with your clinical care in any way. Indeed, as a result I am not equipped to handle insurance claims. Your insurance reimbursement is a separate matter between you and your insurance company. I issue statements monthly or whenever requested by patients. These statements contain the information needed for you to submit to your insurance and should be attached to your claim form. Please be sure to indicate to your insurance company that reimbursement should go to you and not to us. Please do not assign benefits to Cedar Glen or to me, as any insurance payments received by our office will be returned to the insurance company. It is not acceptable to wait until your insurance pays you, to settle your account with me. I have “opted out” of Medicare. This means that Medicare beneficiaries will not be reimbursed by Medicare or Medigap insurance for my services.

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