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John R. Blake, MD
John Blake, MD

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Principles of Treatment

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Principles of Treatment

Dr. Blake’s practice holds at its core the principle that emotional and psychological health is facilitated through the emotional connection with oneself as it relates to one’s emotions, body, thoughts and behavior, as well as the ability to make a healthy emotional connection with others. To this end, his treatment and therapy seeks to identify and resolve the obstacles or resistances, personality traits, and core character issues that interfere with functioning at this deeper, healthier level and inhibit the person’s flexibility in responsiveness to self and others. This process of therapy involves exploration of not only an individual’s present relationships and life but also involves exploration of marital and family relationships as well as work relationships and work function including looking at and clarifying a person’s thoughts and perceptions of themselves and others. Therapy not only looks at a person’s behavior, such as avoidance behaviors, and addictions but also other maladaptive behaviors that have developed to help the individual defend against and to “act out” rather than tolerate and feel ones feelings and deal with these feelings in a healthier and more productive way. Often therapy will center on the emotions and intolerance of feeling fear, anger, sadness, or love. In many situations it is important to understand their past in so far as their past is impacting on the present. A central component to a successful treatment in therapy is the development of a trusting relationship with the therapist where these feelings can emerge and be explored. And last but not least, therapy may need to help a person strike the magic balance between changing and accepting what cannot be changed.

Dr. Blake, when needed, may utilize medications to help in the process of tolerating emotions, reducing impulsivity or facilitating clarity of thinking. Medications can often be useful and occasionally necessary but rarely sufficient to resolve problems and facilitate a satisfying and more fulfilling life. Medications are certainly never curative.

Dr. Blake is occasionally available to consult with and manage a patient’s medications while other aspects of treatment are pursued elsewhere, but generally this is the exception rather than the rule.

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